The Vorwärts Amazon Research and Optimisation Tool

Keyword Research

Generate the most relevant keywords to increase the visibility of your Amazon content.

Content Creation

Create an optimised product detail page based on search terms in VARAO's easy-to-use listing editor.

User Friendly

Optimise content in 5 simple steps with the help of the built-in, extensive keyword research and competitor analysis.

Central Management

Thanks to VARAO, you always have an overview of all your optimisations. Simply filter by ASIN, user and much more.


Due to the quick and easy generation of highly relevant keywords, VARAO helps you professionally optimise your content 6x faster.

Updated Keywords*

The interface with VAPA, our Amazon advertising tool, allows to constantly update the list of most relevant keywords.
*available soon

The Easiest Amazon Keyword Research and Content Tool

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I. Keyword Research and Generation

Without the right keywords, a product will not be listed on the corresponding Amazon search pages nor seen by your customers.

VARAO uses the search results from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms to find the most relevant keywords for your product. Research and generate highly relevant and product-specific keywords to help you create the best possible content for both, the Amazon algorithm and your customer.

Find the most relevant keywords for your product.

II. Content Optimisation for Your Amazon Detail Page

In each optimisation step, the tool and the user refine the keyword list based on the data collected by VARAO.

After a detailed analysis of the competition and an evaluation of the quality of products on offer, the user can create in a few easy steps the perfectly optimised, data-driven Amazon content in the listing editor based on the search terms generated in previous steps.

Create the perfect product listing.

III. Central Management of Your Optimisations

VARAO also acts as a central location for your existing optimisations, allowing you to easily manage all your ASINs.

Those with a large number of ASINs in their Amazon portfolio are well aware of the importance of keeping track of content and the identified list of relevant search terms. VARAO safely stores all of these in one place for easy and efficient updates and monitoring.

Manage all ASIN optimisations in one place.

Save Time and Money With VARAO

Optimisations with VARAO are on average 6x faster than manual keyword research and unguided content creation.


Start comfortably with the basic package and book additional packages at any time when you need them.

€ / Month 99 on request
User 1 (additional packages available) on request
Markets 1 (additional packages available) on request
Optimisations / Monat 10 (additional packages available) on request
Manageable ASINs 100 (additional packages available) on request
Additional Packages on request on request
Minimum Contract Duration none on request

Prices plus statutory value added tax. The conditions depend entirely on your personal needs. Additional users, country markets, the number of optimisations or manageable ASINs can be conveniently booked at any time with additional packages.

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