The Vorwärts Amazon Programmatic Advertising Tool

Advanced Machine Learning

VAPA uses the latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies for goal-oriented predictive bidding on Amazon.

Autonomous Campaign Optimisation

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns are optimised fully automatically and improve with each piece of new data.

24/7 Analysis & Bid Management

Real-time bid management allowing for the optimal Amazon PPC campaigns,
all day, every day.

Campaign Tagging

Easy evaluation of the performance of each product line using a personalised campaign tagging system.

Efficient KPI

Innovative and customisable dashboards help you keep track of the most important campaign KPIs.

Updated Content Management

With the connection to VARAO, our Amazon content tool, you receive suggestions on the most relevant keywords for your campaigns.

The Vorwärts Amazon Programmatic Advertising Tool

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AI-Driven Autonomous Bid Management

The goal of Amazon marketing automation is to ensure you stay on target to reach your marketing goals and achieve the highest Amazon turnover from every marketing Euro spent.

Our solution for this is VAPA, our AI-driven, fully automated and self-learning advertising tool for the Amazon Advertising Console. You only need to set key parameters such as your available media budget, target and break-even spending and your strategy for a product or product portfolio. VAPA then fully autonomously validates and adjusts your marketing campaigns 24/7 for the target outcome, maximising the return on invested media budget while minimising the time required by you to manage your campaigns.

More return for every Euro media budget invested.

Interactive Dashboards With Real-Time Reporting

VAPA stores valuable historical data and experience in real-time so it can continue to use it to identify the most efficient running times for each campaign and each ASIN. The concept of goal-based programmatic campaign groups allows for an in-depth sales analysis at the keyword level. Structure and evaluate your Amazon campaigns by also using your own personal tagging system.

Everything you need in one spot.

Symbiosis Between VAPA and VARAO

An additional unique feature of VAPA is its communication channel with our Amazon content tool VARAO. When VARAO determines the optimal keywords for your product listing, VAPA will receive this information in order to include and test these keywords in Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns.

When VAPA, on the other hand, validates and determines keywords with a higher conversion rate, VARAO likewise receives the corresponding information, so that the content of the product listing can be improved accordingly.

When content and marketing work perfectly hand-in-hand.

Save Time and Money With VAPA

Our clear value proposition is that marketing campaigns managed by VAPA achieve a higher yield on cost while reducing the time required to manage campaigns.


Basic packagee per Amazon account.

€ 249 / Month   +  1.5%

Prices plus statutory value added tax. The variable performance fee is based on revenues achieved with VAPA.

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