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I. Market Analysis

Understand the Market, Competition and Potential of a Product

How big is the market for a given ASIN, product portfolio or a whole product line? What is my competition and what is their market share? What products are directly competing with my product portfolio? What is the competition doing better? How did the pricing and market change over time? ...

We answer your Amazon questions.

II. Strategic Recommendations

Develop Data-Driven Product Strategies

What is the right price range for my product? How many product reviews do I really need for my product portfolio? What should be key characteristics of my product listings and what sales revenue could be expected over the next 12 months on that basis? What other Amazon markets could be lucrative for me? ...

We identify your product potential.

III. Sales Forecasts

Determine Product Potential and Forecast Future Revenues

Which strategic actions are most lucrative? Which ASIN should be optimised first? What measures are most efficient for a given marketing budget? What does my sales revenue potential look like over the next 12 months? Is it lucrative to switch between Seller and Vendor accounts? ...

We show you the best strategy.

Insights into the MPA

We find an answer to your Amazon question.

What is the right price for my product?

More is not always better. Quite the opposite. A price set too high could significantly decrease your overall revenue. Only a comprehensive data analysis provides guidance on what price range your product should be in.

Our MPA provides you with the optimal pricing strategy for your product portfolio.

How many reviews should my product have?

Marketing efficiency is of highest priority for us. Defining the marginal benefit of strategic measures such as additional product reviews or A+ content for every product is essential, in order to deploy your media budget as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our MPA answers your question such as the saturation point for product reviews, whether A+ content is required at all, etc.

What is the potential revenue?

Whether spending additional media budget is worth it, can only be answered when it is clear what the product potential is and who is competing in that market.

Our MPA provides the required data to understand the target market better, to make the right decisions and to offer the right product in the right market.

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Amazon Market Analysis

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Best choice, if you want to review the market and your competition first, and prefer to draw your own conclusions.

Amazon Marktanalyse
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Market Analysis + on request
Data- and Analysis Update on request

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