Amazon Efficiency Through Artificial Intelligence

The most efficient Amazon tools for your Amazon business.

AI-based Amazon Marketing Management Tool

VAPA continuously evaluates all relevant Amazon reports and optimises Amazon campaigns around the clock without losing sight of the competition. The goal is to achieve the best possible result from the available media budget and at the same time minimise your own time spent on each advertising campaign.

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Amazon Content Optimisation Tool

VARAO offers you 5 easy steps to create the perfect Amazon content that ensures the highest relevance and conversion rate for your product listings. At the same time VARAO is the central location for your complete Amazon content. This saves time, marketing expenses and leads to a higher organic visibility.

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Vorwärts at a Glance


The Vorwärts Team

With over 30 employees, our team offers the perfect mix of e-commerce, marketing and technology.

André Åslund

Chief Executive Officer

Mladen Panov

Chief Operating Officer

Francesco Cachique

Head of Sales

Lorenz Kreuser

International Business Developer

Jasmeen Kosmalla

Head of Human Resources

Sarah Tscheuschner

Customer Relationship Manager

Lynn Schockweiler

Marketing Manager

Rachael Hamann

Project Manager

Joseph Valentine

Head of Review Business

Hanna Schütt

Product Owner Club der Produkttester

Alina Kuhl

Assistant Platform Manager

Karin Bey

Vorwärts Amazon Manager

Lennart Lassalle

Product Owner VARAO & Vorwärts Amazon Manager

Sandra Hrga-Pesch

Vorwärts Amazon Manager

Alexander Himanek

Vorwärts Amazon Manager

Leona Dürrschmid

Assistant Amazon Manager

Karina Klein

Assistant Amazon Manager

Carolina Ruiz Alonso

Assistant Amazon Manager

Kirsty Saretzki

Assistant Amazon Manager

Lavinya Öncü

Assistant Amazon Manager

Ivana Baldioli

Assistant Amazon Manager

Suneetha Kanoor

Data Scientist

Khalil Nouili

Data Scientist

Firas Hakimi

Backend Developer

Hassen Ben Slama

Backend Developer

Frederiko Cesar

Backend Developer

Amin Abdelhedi

Frontend Developer

Tom Schonenberger

UK Country Manager

Lydia Pierer-Kuhn

In Elternzeit

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